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Nature of Koktebel

"Dacha Koktebelica"

Hostel “Dacha Koktebelica” is a private manor in the village Koktebel (in the East Crimea, Ukraine). Every year we have rest in Koktebel with our family, we also invite friends, acquaintances and we keep a small amount of tourists.

There are some separately standing small houses of different level of comfort for the guests. They do not have habitual corners and direct walls. It is simply, they are round!

Round houses were created for extreme conditions of both low and high temperatures, and were used in Siberia. The considerable layer of a thermal protection allows to reach comfortable temperature indoors under any weather conditions. Therefore we named them "thermotubes".

Each thermotube is a separately standing structure of 9 m length and 3m width. Thermotubes are equipped by conditioners.

Hostel “Koktebelika” offers you:
- Residing at a separate small house - "thermotubes" (different level of comfort)
- Possibility of cooking on the kitchen
- Free WiFi internet and computer in kitchen-dining room
- Free parking place for your car
- Residing with pets (under the preliminary arrangement)
- Additional possibilities: possibility to take places with the tent, hire of road bicycles, linen washing in an washing machine, brazier.

Distance to the village pebble beaches - 15-20 minutes by foot (we do not have our own beach).

If you like such a rest, please come to us.

Koktebel, its mountains, sea, people, unique atmosphere is perceived not at once, but stays with you for the whole life.

You can read reviews and opinions of our gests (or write yours) on the webpage of ukrainian rural tourism -


"Dacha Koktebelica" - rest with pleasure for your soul, body and pocket!
People of Koktebel