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"There is great amount of various temptations in Koktebel. Taste them all!"

Black Sea

Well, sea is traditionally one of the main, but not the unique temptation in Koktebel. Hundred years ago one traveller Yelpatievskiy wrote about sea in Koktebel “Here in Koktebel the sea is special, Koktebel sea… You will never met so many colors of the sea anywhere else except Koktebel. I cannot say why, maybe because of the unusual dryness of the air or shapes of the coasts surrounded the bay - grey-yellow smooth hills from the right side and sharp emerald-green outline of Kara-Dag volcano from the left side.
The color of the sea changes all the time. It can be green and steel-blue, cyan or light-blue. It changes color all the time and that causes its unusual beauty. And all the neighboring landscapes changes color – Kara-Dag and ambient hills can be lilac, chartreuse, rose and even red during sunset. All of these water colors from life come to pictures of talented artists from Koktebel...”
Many things changed during years but not the sea. It is still as beautiful and picturesque as travelers saw it last century.


The main feature of swimming in Koktebel is warm sea and dryness of the air (there is not excessive atmospheric humidity). Swimming season starts from the end of May-beginning of June and last till the half of October. From the middle of June the temperature is about 19-20 Celsius degree, for July-August period it rises to 22-23 Celsius degree. The sky is almost always cloudless during the whole summer. Sudden sea-water temperature falls are rear.

The best swimming in Koktebel is undoubtedly on the territory of Kara-Dag Nature Reserve from the boats and yachts. The water is crystal-clear and you can see the sea floor even in the water depth of 25-40 meters.

As pleasant place for swimming as Kara-Dag is another nature park near Koktebel (5 Km from the village) – the Tihaya bay (the Pacific bay). The sea is sandy and shallow near the beach. It is especially likely for children. There are not as many people on the beach as on the village beaches. You can even find absolutely uninhabited places if you walk along the sea coast. You can also come here with pets. You can get to the Tihaya Bay by car or by bicycle. It is also possible by the fixed-route bus from the bus station in Koktebel or by boat from the mooring on the quay.

The nearest beaches from the Koktebelika hostel are in the village. The distance is about one kilometer. It takes 15-20 minutes to walk. If you ride a bicycle the way to the beach is imperceptible. The entrances to the all Koktebel beaches are free (in contrast to the south coast of Crimea). There are all shingle beaches in the village. In the center part of the village you can combine your leisure time activities with the entertainment on the promenade quay.

The beaches in the eastern part of the village are wide, there are not as many people as in the central part.

The water in the sea is clean and clear in the calm windless weather. If the weather is windy the water is muddy because of the clay dash on the sea floor.

There is one main feature of the Koktebel beaches – they are overcrowded during the high tourist season (July-August), so the best time for swimming is early morning and evening.

The territory of Kara-Dag Nature Reserve is bordered with Koktebel from the west. We recommend our guests to visit the beach near the border with Kara-Dag. It belongs to the “Priboy” (“Surf”) boarding house. It is the nearest to Koktebelika. It is wide enough, there are usually not many people there. There are piers to dive from. The water is the clearest among the entire beaches in the village. You can also start from that beach your sea journey to the Nature Reserve on the small pleasure boat “Killer whale”.

There are some more unusual beaches in Koktebel. That village (Koktebel) people calls the native land of Russian naturism. Since the Voloshin time naturists like to have a rest in one of Koktebel beaches. Especially they like having sunbathe without any cloths on them. That beach is in the eastern part of the village. There are also special naturist’s parts of the beaches in Pacific Bay and in the Lisya Bukhta (Fox Bay) from the other side of Kara-Dag.

Extinct volcano Kara-Dag

Kara-Dag (“Black Mountain” in Tatar) is a poetry in a stone. There is not any other place in Crimea as wild and beautiful as Kara-Dag. It amaze with its bizarre zigzag lined shapes, terrible rocks and hillsides, severe and gloomy rock-chaos.

Kara-Dag is the biggest fossil volcano in Crimea. Here million years ago Hoba Tepe and Saint Mountain volcanoes erupted. Ruins of these volcanoes and one more mountain Suuryu-Kaya compound together rock mass Kara-Dag. It occupies space 25 square kilometers and raise 600 meters high above the sea.

Nowadays that territory and also a part of coastal aqua-zone are declared as Kara-Dag natural reserve.

Along the seaside ridge of Kara-Dag, through the most picturesque places of the volcano («the dead city», the volcano muzzle, the “Devil's finger” rock) is laid an ecological route

Men can hike along that rout in a group with the guide. The length of the route is about 6 km. During summertime groups set off to the rout twice a day (early in the morning and after dinner). They start from the Kara-Dag Nature Reserve bio-station (in the village Kurortnoe). The end of the rout is in Koktebel.

You can also try a boat trip along the picturesque 240-metres-height coastal rocks. That trip takes an hour and a half. The boat passes through the territory of aqua-complex of Kara-Dag Nature Reserve along the coastal ridge of volcano for a distance of 5 km till well-known rock “Golden gate” – a picturesque freestanding arch in the sea. The culmination of that sea walk will be passing through the “Golden gate” arch on the boat and swimming in the cleanest water in the high sea. Walking boats start from the main quay of Koktebel and from the beach near the rest-house “Priboy”.

It is impossible to say, what kind of walk to Kara-Dag is better, by sea or by foot. Both leave unforgettable, absolutely different but maybe the strongest impressions about Koktebel.

«Kara-Dag is the end, the last word of those wonderful mountain fairy tale that lasts from Sevastopol to Koktebel, and as it often happens, in the end, flashes in the most freakish images, the most unrestrained imagination» (S.Elpatevsky).

The Khameleon cape (the Chameleon cape) and the Tihaya bay (the Pacific bay)

Kara-Dag borders Koktebel bay from the west, the Chameleon cape - from the east. Behind the Chameleon very nice Tihaya bay hides. You can drive there every day to it’s sandy beaches, but it is worthy also a separate travel. The Tihaya bay will captivate you with absolutely opposite beauty rather than Kara-Dag. It is really hot here. Here are treeless, bald Kimmerijsky hills burnt out by the sun, nice sandy beach and warm shallow sea. The summer definitely lives here …

The Tihaya bay is a national park now. There are not many buildings here, so you will not manage to find any infrastructure. Just natural beauty.

It is about 5 km from Koktebel to Tihaya Bay. You can pass that way by car, by bicycle or by marshrutka (small bus) (the road has not asphalt coat, so it is really dusty). The best way is by boat from the quay in Koktebel or by walk through the Dead Bay and the Khameleon cape along the sea.

If you dare to travel to the Tihaya Bay, please do not forget to take enough water with you (you will probably not manage to buy it in the Bay). Please do not leave any garbage in the Bay like many other “guests” of the natural park do.

Winery and wines of Koktebel

Koktebel could be not so cheerful and bright without delicious Koktebel wines. Muscat wine Kara-Dag, Muscat wine Ottonel, Cabernet, Koktebel port wines and famous Koktebel Madera! You can buy real live wine of Koktebel winery in every shop in Koktebel. But it is much better to attend an excursion to the wine storage rooms, visit the biggest Madera storage area in Europe and buy non-filtrated wine from the winery. And the price is great – it is really cheap for branded wines of ten and more years old!

The best express method of acquaintance with Koktebel wines is to visit wine tasting room. It is located on the main street of Koktebel - Lenina street. Degustations take place every day during summer time, the price is not expensive, the pleasure is dizzy.

Please, do not buy wine from babushkas (from people on the market) - you will spoil your impression about wines!

Promenade quay

For the tourist village quay means everything. It is the place of meeting and evening walks, Central Square, souvenir market, entertaining center.

It is really noisy, merrily and gaily here, sometimes it is crowdy and it smells with so many delicious things from every restaurant. There is everything you wish but do not have time (or money) at home.

Koktebel promenade quay is probably the longest in Crimea. There are numerous bars, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, and discos. In summer it seems to look overcrowded with all of there attractions and souvenir hawker’s stands. You can even not see the beach sometimes. At the eastern part there is delphinium and aqua-park.

Anyway, visiting promenade quay is a separate temptation!

Flying on gliders and paraplanes

While there are ascending air streams, there are people who aspire to fly …

It is written on the Glider Pilots Monument on the Klementyev's hill (another names of that hill is Flight hill and Uzun-Syrt) near Koktebel. Thanks to the features of a structure that mountain it is extremely convenient for glider sports or flights on paraplanes. The ascending air streams are formed here. They allow to soar in air for hours. It was not casually, that the first glider flights in Russia were spent here, and now the centres of glider sports work and paraglider pilots train on Uzun-Syrt.

But the sky is accessible not only for sportsmen. You can also feel free flight if you dare. In the centre of glider sports it is possible to jump with a parachute or to do some flying on a glider. These sensations san not be compared to any other. Planning from the height of 600 metres, the glider carries out all aerobatic manoeuvres. And it is not including tremendous view from the height to the Koktebel bay and Karadag.

But it is possible to do some flying in a little more easy and quite way. At a favorable weather paraplanes soar over Klementyev's hill or over the sea in east part of Koktebel. It is possible to do some flying «in a tandem» on a paraplane here. The instructor lifts directly from the earth the special, double paraplane. And if the passenger is not too heavy and the weather is good and not too windy, you can even rule the wing.

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